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Advanz IT at Your Service

Hello, World! Advanz IT is here.  Welcome to the site, which was envisioned to help home-office and small business owners in updating their understanding of the current trends in information technology, and how they could be applied to the advancement of their businesses.

Our web designing and one year hosting is $300.00 only.

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Aside from blogging current IT trends, I’m available also to extend my consulting services to  home-office and small business owners. I’ve been a full-time network administrator for five years, and been in different IT consulting assignments at large projects in large corporations for 13 years. That’s 18 years of hands-on, professional experiences in the Information Technology.

My services are always on demand by other large corporations,  that sometimes last from three months or more. So, if you need my consulting services on a small scale,  I’m still available on Saturdays and Sundays. Else, you could hire me on full-time basis, when I’m available, to focus mainly on your company’s IT project.

I could also recommend to you other associates who could help you in your IT needs. The places I could physically cover for this service is New York City and neighboring boroughs. However, if you need services for web designing, digital and electronic publishing, I could serve you anywhere around the world, as long as we are connected to the Internet.

To summarize, below are the services I could offer to home-office and small businesses:

  • Network and workgroup design, setup, configuration, and administration
  • Macintosh and Windows computer setup, configuration, and maintenance
  • Desktop and digital publishing of newsletters, brochures, and other marketing materials
  • Web site design, web content-writing, blogging, and other forms of electronic publishing

If you need more information, please email me at jess.guim(@) or jessguim(@) (Please don’t forget to remove “( )” between the “@”.)

You may call me at (718) 831-8587 0r (917) 327-2430

Advanz Corporation’s mailing address is:

8849 186th Street
Hollis, NY 11423

Contact Jess Guim of Advanz IT for more info.

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